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Apostle George Akalonu
Pastor Grace Akalonu
Pastor Charles Olisanekwu
Cross section of ordinards

The Global School of Ministry, "a vision of Apostle George and Pastor Grace Akalonu" is birthed to raise a generation of ministers of the gospel whose singular passion will be restoration of His glory; Christians who will allow the Holy Spirit to work out the Character of Christ and empower them with the anointing to minister to God and His saints!

Expected Outcome: These are vessels that are fit for purpose as co-laborers in the vineyard of the Lord in the last days, whose lives bear testimony of the reality of Christ as Lord of the Church and coming King of Kings. The Lord will use products of the program to bring about His 3-fold Now Agenda:

*Reformation of the Church from organized religion to the original master plan as a living organism of God’s empowered people who are set in their places by the Holy Spirit to release specific gifts, graces and strengths needful for keeping the whole Body in a state of loving mutual edification.

*Restoration of the Lordship of Jesus Christ over the Church as His Body and Bride. This will also require restoration of all the office and leadership gifts (five fold gifts of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers of Ephesians 4:11-12) working in synergy to perfect the saints. It is the Saints that are so perfected that will become witnesses for Christ as they take the Church from the building to the various communities where they are, functioning as His Ambassadors. Christians in the market place are a key to true revival!


*Revival will be a logical outcome of a state when God’s people consecrate their all to Him, commit their lives, personalities, money, and energies in expanding His Kingdom or sphere of influence anywhere and everywhere. In this scenario, God’s people pursue an intimate relationship with Him grounded on yearning for and obeying the Word of God. (John 15:14)



The T.T.E.A.R Process

The Lord lays on our hearts that every unit of the Body of Christ should be involved in a continual four cycle exercise of processing every believer into a co-laborer with Christ. That process is summarized with the acronym TEAR. Briefly explained, it means we must:


Teach and Train the believer to the degree that after a brief while he or she joins the harvest field work. Equip them with a proper understanding of God, the Church, the World, the Devil and who they are in Christ to overcome all odds.


We are to Equip them with what it takes to succeed in what God has called them to be and so that they can optimally contribute their quota to building up the Body.


Activate the gifts of the Holy Spirit lying latent in them and all the graces God has placed at their disposal which are constrained by ignorance.


Release them into productive ministry as co-laborers with Christ. The very laborers we are praying for – are right in the pews of Christian congregations labeled as “laity”.

The approach of waiting for people to leave “secular” jobs and enter seminaries or theological colleges to be trained to become a select few called “clergy”, a strange doctrine borrowed from Rome has been the greatest undoing of the New Testament Church.


We have in effect frozen the vast majority of our human resource base in pews, bringing tithes, offerings and engaging in committee politics, as a docile laity while a tiny fraction of trained clergy are over labored. The golden key to the great end time harvest is to unlock the massive potentials in the so-called laity by taking them through the TEAR process. This is the core assignment of the Global School of Ministry project, world-wide.



Module 1: Christian Foundation
Course 100: The Bible ~ Sure Foundation of Christian Faith
Course 101: Understanding God
Course 102: Understanding Jesus Christ
Course 103: The Holy Spirit and humanity
Course 104: The Five Fundamental Glorious Truths
Course 105: The Five Fundamental C’s
     (Responses of the Truly Redeemed)
Course 106: The Ultimate Three: Faith, Hope and Charity
Course 107: Grace

Module 2: The Kingdom and the Church
Course 108: The Church
Course 109. Kingdom Oriented Church Growth
Course 110: The Church of His Vision
Course 111: The Kingdom of God

Course 112: The Ascension Office-Gifts
               (Five Fold Leadership Gifts)
Course 113: Concerning Spiritual Gifts
Course 114: Leadership in the Household of Faith
Course 115: Authority
Course 116: The Great Commission

Course 117: Ministerial Ethics

Module 3: Kingdom Citizen and Ambassador
Course 118: The Call, Cost and Rewards of Discipleship
Course 119: Discovering and Fulfilling Your Ministry
Course 120: Personal Spiritual Growth and Maturity
Course 121: Market Place Ministry
Course 122: Women in Ministry
Course 123: Rewards of the Faithful
Course 124: Christian Marriage & Family Life
Course 125: Finances and Stewardship in God’s House
Course 126: Introduction to Christian Counseling

Module 4: Dominion Mandate of Man
Course 127: Signs, Wonders and the Miraculous
Course 128: Understanding the Human Nature
Course 129: Critical Adversaries
Course 130: Prayer & Spiritual Warfare
Course 131: Dispensations, Seasons and Times

Module 5: Digging Deep

Course 132: Doctrines of the Bible
Course 133: All that Jesus Said and Did
Course 134: Apostasies, Heresies, Errors
                     & the Pseudo-Gospel


Life in Christ Assembly

Meeting Times



11.30am to 1.30pm


Other meeting days to be announced.

In the meantime,

dial 03309981256 access code: 213916 For

Bible studies Wednesdays  

9.00pm to 10.00pm

Prayer meeting


9.00pm to 10.00pm

Meeting Place

Nobel House

9A Nobel Road

 London N18 3BF



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